Walk In Your Own Footsteps

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Leave great footprints wherever you pass and be remembered for the change you initiated. Be the kind gentle and loving person that you are and your footprints will always be cherished and remembered. In all things we do, always and always, let us not forget that we shall either be remember for something or nothing, and be it something or nothing, we shall still be remembered!

If you are to be noted for your words, let the words be that which are breath-taking! If you are to be noted for your attitude, let that attitude be that which is solemn and distinctive! If you are to be noted for your thoughts, let the thought be that which gives unique reasons to ponder for distinctive footprints! If you are to be noted for your deeds, let the deeds be that which touches the heart of Heaven , give noble reasons for action and put smiles on faces and believing that God sees and rewards every act of good deed!

If you are to be noted for certain stands, let it be that which is either a firm yes or bold no! Always remember, you shall surely be remembered for something or nothing; live well then!


Phase after phase, we face so many things the good and the bad, the solemn and canal, realities and fantasies There are so many people who fall at each phase of life because of how they face such phase with their actions, words, thoughts and deeds. The phase of life we meet matters a lot, but how we face each phase with our actions, words, thoughts and deeds in managing our comforts and discomforts for a distinctive or an otherwise footprints is what we need to ponder over and over before our total life phases out!

In the end, the wealth, comfort and joy we had in life would matter less as compared to how we used the wealth, comfort and joy for distinctive footprints! In the end, the sorrow, perplexity, lack or discomfort we had shall be of less value as compared to the distinctive footprints we left because of the sorrow, perplexity, lack or discomfort we faced in each phase of life.

Walking in Your Own Footsteps: Finding Strength in Finding Your Dharma

Live life! Take action! Smile and live life, no matter what! Use your comfort for relevant and distinctive footprints and dare to do something because of your discomfort! Don't ever miss your true purpose on earth!

Do away with every 'weight'! Discard wasteful thoughts! Life is a onetime journey; journey well, and live it well!

How mice block out the sound of their own feet - Futurity

We have nothing to do now than to be the best examples for the next generation! We have nothing to do now than to build a group of people who will come and better our footprints! We have nothing to do now than to leave footprints that will speak to not just the minds of our present generation, but the souls and spirits of our next generation yet to come, to dare never to relax, but to wake up each day with an utmost alacrity to do their very best and accomplish their solemn duty to the Almighty God whilst they leave, and extend our footprints!

You have nothing better to do when you wake up than to not just think of the generation you are going to give a baton to, but the kind of baton you are going to give to them. You have nothing to do when you wake up than to think about the best footprints to live and leave that will be the best lessons for your next generation.

Dare to do your best each day! Dare to be remembered for something unique!

Day by day we live life! I feel like the different footstep sounds sometimes layer themselves or something. For example, when I go from walking on wood floors to a rug the step on the rug seems to stack with my wood step sound.

Also, I feel like sometimes the different sounding g steps sometimes seem to come from another direction. Either way there have been a few times where I will dead stop looting a building because I hear my own steps. It seems there are some footsteps occasionally built into rain and common ambient sounds. And yes, there is a delay in footsteps. Yes, I have volume cranked up and sometimes while walking through buildings the audio shifts when I get close to walls and makes me think it's someone else's footsteps.

Ye you spend like 2 min, slowly checking every corner and when youre sure that one footstep taht you heard was you I have the same issue in Arma sometimes. I think it has something to do with the 3rd person perspective. I hate that when equiping an AR from your backpack, the sound is so similar to a door opening.. I'm constantly getting thrown by the weapon switching sounds, it sounds like there's footsteps in there as well as the metallic clicks of the guns switching.

I then spend 45 tense seconds clearing the house, SURE that death is waiting. It's not. Footsteps echo, which is a huge problem. I keep hearing myself and when I hear someone else, I'm not sure if it is my own footsteps or not. There is a huge problem there. To an extent in one of my psychs classes we did an "trust" test.

Where we were blind folded and moved around the room multiple people went at once so when i was being moved around hearing all the footsteps without seeing people gave me partial ptsd. When I make small movements yes. There will be no sound and suddenly a shuffle which puts me on edge. I believe when you switch weapons there is a "ghost footstep" sound that your character makes. It freaks me out everytime. Either way its a sound that shouldnt be there. Hopefully they fix it. Yep, desync when it comes to sounds scares the fuck outta me sometimes.

Hope it on the fix list I mean they should have a different sound for my own steps. I always stop and listen for many seconds after changing mags, they make sounds when they drop that kinda sounds like other peoples footsteps. They should do it like in overwatch where hostile players footsteps are louder than friendly players.

There's also the weird delay between your character moving and the sound of the character's footsteps. Throws me off so much. Like it will keep playing a footstep sound after you've stopped giving the command to move. In general I think the sound design needs a lot of work. For example if you're on the first floor of a building and someone is walking around on the ground floor it sounds like they're walking through grass.

I do this every so often then can't stop because I make myself paranoid and every steps I listen again and and only get through half of the building and lose so much loot. Sometimes there's a random hitch with the footsteps and I hear my own footsteps a couple meters around me. Take off your shoes to distinct yourself from others footsteps People still playing with shoes on wtf????? Then why are you in a thread about people scaring themself by thier own footsteps, when I simply give out a solution.

I think there should be a physical difference to no shoes, as well as a sound advantage.

Walking in Your Own Footsteps: Finding Strength in Finding Your Dharma

Like people without shoes would be quieter but would run a tad slower or something like that. Idk, just a though. Thats how it was in h1z1, in PUBG taking off the shoes only changes the sound for yourself. If a enemy takes off his shoes you still hear him as he have shoes, but if you take it off you hear yourself without shoes. People downvoting me for pointing this out just shows how retarded reddit-users are. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

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Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps
Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps
Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps
Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps
Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps
Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps
Walk In Your Own Footsteps Walk In Your Own Footsteps

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