The Fathers Call

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This is a basic lesson that I come to remind you of, because, involved in intense activities during this period, you forget the simple act of breathing, children.

The Father’s Call

The accelerated mind always demands for more, children, but it is the heart that brings the call and cries out for your attention so you look at your internal processes. It is your heart that cries out to ask you to look at yourselves lovingly and compassionately, just as you have looked to those who you have helped. It is time to love yourselves, children.

But this love is not an ephemeral passion, but a manifestation of the unconditional love that only a mother and father could have for their children. I propose you an exercise, children:. Bring on your mental screen the image of yourselves Watch yourselves walk from side to side, working, sleeping, eating, doing daily activities Realize how this little being needs to be welcomed by someone who says:. Go to that little representation of yourself and whisper lovingly into your ears those words, full of meekness and peace. Irradiate on yourself all your love and attention, and observe how, gradually, the state of agitation turns into a slight vibration of peace and calm, born of the Child of the Father, who loves his Children and welcomes them in his arms of love.

That is only just and fair. This common mistake among new Muslims in the West, namely changing their family name, typically can lead them to fall into the following prohibitions:.

The Father’s Call – RHCCC

It makes them subject to the grave warning and the definite threat that came in several ahadeeth. One of these ahadeeth, narrated by Imam Ahmad and Ibn Majah from Ibn Abbaas say, that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said that, "Whomever is not named after his father, or who takes as a benefactor and protector other than his supporter, is cursed by Allah, His Angels and all the people. Just because the father's name is a Christian name or a non-Muslim name is not reason enough, in Islam, to change it. And so if one's father name is George, he should not change it to Muhammad or Ali for example.

One must be named after his real father's name, even if he is a non-believer kafir , or the worst enemy to Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhe wa sal-lam. He was the son of one of the worst of Allah's enemies, Abu Jahl, the man who fought the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, with his hands, tongue and money.

Nevertheless, Ikremah never changed his father's name after becoming a Muslim. He kept his real father's name although it was not an honorable one. Yet, she did not change her name and the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, did not order her to change it, although he was one of the Prophet's strongest enemies at the time. When she became a Muslim, the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam married her, and she did not change her father's or her grandfather's name even though everyone knew that they were non-believers, and that they were the enemies of Allah and his Messenger, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam.

More than that, Safiyyah used to visit her family, and when Umar ibnul Khattab heard that she liked the Jews, he asked her about it. She replied that they were her family, and that as a Muslim she was supposed to keep her kin ties strong and, that that was the reason for her visits with them.

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Look at this example! Safiyyah did not forsake her family ties and never abandoned her family's name. She did this because she knew that her name would not hurt her or weaken her faith and belief in Allah. There are many more examples, but in these three I hope that all of us find good enough reasons to rethink the issue, and to avoid doing the opposite of what these three good companions of the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, did. The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said, "He who knowingly claims to be the son of other than his father, then he is forbidden from entering Paradise.

Why would anyone claim to be the son of someone he knows for sure is not his father? One may meet a Muslim who claims that his name is Muhammad Abdurrahman Ali. One would think that this means he is Muhammad the son of Abdurrahman, and the grandson of Ali. But after checking, one would be surprised to discover that Abdurrahman and Ali are not real people at all, and that Muhammad, who happens to be the son of John, the grandson of Roberts, for example, made them up.

This is not a good thing to do, for it leads one to fall into the next sin, falsification. In the previous example, when one hears the name Muhammad Abdurrahman Ali, one automatically thinks that the name belongs to a Muslim from a Muslim country.

Suggestions for Study and Teaching

You do not expect it to belong to be an American or a European from a Western non-Muslim father. This is an obvious case of cheating and falsification, especially if the information is presented on paper, like on a resume or other documents, meant for official procedures or employment. This falsification is the same as lying, if not worse. For someone to be called after other than his real father's name is to do great injustice to the father.

This is why Allah says, "Call them after their fathers. But failure to even start to preach the gospel is itself a bad example. COGFC is showing the world, and the rest of the Church, that they do not believe the Bible and they do not love their neighbors as themselves. Orchard didn't say anything like this, and I didn't expect him to. You can learn the lesson that the Church should set a good example, which Israel failed to do, even if you think that the Jews are all of Israel, not the United States and Britain.

But for giving a warning to those who are going to go through the tribulation, you have to know that the United States and British nations are Israel so you know who to give the warning to. Otherwise, we would warn the Jews, but not our own nations. Orchard first reviewed certain principles that COGFC stands for in a general way before he went into details of incorporation.

He said that their basic foundation is family-style governance.

The Father calls. - SEEK2019

He said it takes time to develop this because, while it is easy to say, "family-style governance", it is not easy to implement. He said that all members of the Church must have full access to Christ. He also talked about submitting one to another, quoting Ephesians , and referred again to governance in the Church. He said that it doesn't matter much what the structure or form of governance is - it is the attitude that is important. I will only comment that the structure of governance AND attitude are both important.

Attitude is certainly important, but the choice of the structure of governance reflects the attitude of the people who choose that structure of governance. If ministers organizing a structure of governance choose an unbiblical model, this reflects a bad attitude towards God and His word. I agree that every member should have full access to Christ, and we do.

I believe that the principle that every member must have full and direct access to Christ and to the Father is one hundred percent compatible with top-down governance. Some see a contradiction. They may ask, if Christ is the head of the ministry and leads the members through the ministry, how can we have direct access to Christ, since our access to Christ is through the ministry?

In those matters, Christ indeed governs the Church through the ministry. But in matters of the personal salvation of every member, such as Christ interceding for us with God and helping us to understand God's word and God's law by the power of the Holy Spirit, the access of each member to Christ and the Father is direct, not through the ministry. We all have direct access to Christ and the Father through prayer and Bible study. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand what Mr. Orchard is saying when he refers to "family-style" governance and submitting one to another.

He rarely uses examples to illustrate his points. Perhaps he himself is not fully clear in his mind what he means by "family-style" governance, which might be one reason why he finds it hard to implement it. What Mr. Orchard is teaching about having a right attitude of governance, what he may call "submitting one to another", may simply be loving authority.

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  5. The term "loving authority" is not new in the Church of God. This term was used in the Church when Mr. Armstrong was alive. Not every minister in Worldwide practiced loving authority, but some tried to, and even those who did not practice it at least acknowledged the principle in their teaching.

    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call
    The Fathers Call The Fathers Call

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