The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)

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Letting Sora into his apartment is going to bring Axel the adventure of a lifetime.

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He just doesn't know it yet. My Neko by Luna-Atlas reviews Roxas takes the ultimate sacrifice for his brothers unknowingly to them and now he's trapped; a prisoner of war behind the enemy lines. He meets Axel - the enemy.

But is he really all that bad? Roxas has a feeling he's on the wrong side When his village is burned to the ground by an evil and malicious crew of pirates, Roxas joins red headed duo, Reno and Axel and their crew, to rescue his brother who was kidnapped by Seifer, the captain of the pirates.

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Will they make it in time before Seifer hands Sora off to Xehanort? Find out in the thrilling adventure! It turns out my neighbor is also a prostitute. Rated M for obvious reasons. Simple Shapes by SeaSaltSkye reviews Axel decides to let a tattoo artist with little to no experience tattoo his face.

AkuRoku Fluff. A OneShot. Puppet by terra hotaru reviews Something's definitely amiss in Twilight Town. People are "moving" out and the town is getting quieter and quieter. Not to mention that I am also starting to see things Really strange things Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal by RefreshMint reviews Sora found himself forced to move to a mansion of some acquaintances of his father, Cloud, who had to leave him temporarily for work. Sora is a naive boy grew up in his father's church, how he'll react to discover the terrible secret of his six cruel hosts?

But what if a pair of emerald eyes has locked on his target? Sanctuary by iamgeekachu reviews He had never seen one before, but Roxas knew, by the skin as pale as death, and the coldness that had suddenly infiltrated the alley he stood in, that he was in the midst of a vampire. AU AkuRoku. Rated M for lemon extracts and lingo. The characters of Kingdom Hearts in our World and their 'lives' here.

Currently being rewritten, updates unscheduled. Story will be completed this year. He only trusts his family and his twin's boyfriend because they're the only ones that understand. Will Axel, the new neko, be able to put the pieces of Roxas's trust back together? Or is Roxas broken beyond repair? Save Me by Saranwyn reviews Aikawa drags Akihiko to a club to look for "inspiration" but what he finds there is not at all what he was looking for. When he meets a seventeen year old boy that is hiding a dark secret AU of Junjo Romantica yaoi, smut, dark themes, violence, non-con, language possibly , drug abuse possibly , and general kinkiness.

Usami, Misaki T. Halloween Madness by SnowQueen83 reviews An extensive lemon involving two mischievous redheads and the bewildered blonde who followed them down the rabbit hole.


Roxas Reno Axel. Desert Bloom by SnowQueen83 reviews In the harshest desert, the strong thrive through fear and force, and the weak are crushed in their wake. That is how it has always been. But one day, a willful prince of the desert meets a young neko slave who may change his life and his heart forever.

AkuRoku, other possible pairings perhaps. What happens when they realise it's not one, but three monsters. Riku, Axel, Zexion. SoRiku AkuRoku Zemyx. Akuroku, yaoi. To bad Roxas never read fairytales. Safehaven by RoseNymph reviews Akuroku oneshot that was begging to be written. Axel rescues our favorite blond and then later, a lemon is involved. The Catholic and The Rebel by Sharmander reviews An attraction that would condemn him in the eyes of his father and supposedly God, but knowing that he still can't stop the twisting in his stomach at the sight of that redhead.

True Love by SparklyUnicorn reviews Seemingly bad boy Roxas catches the interest of a certain red haired dancer. Their worlds are about to be changed forever. I do not own Kingdom Hearts! It's yaoi. Axel, a fox, and his target. While Roxas isn't supposed to actually kill Axel on his mission, when he brings him back for the ransom Axel is to be used for, the blonde is in for a big surprise: he develops feelings for the redhead.

Will Axel return those feelings?

Woman, 20, forced to become sex slave at £120-an-hour for 10 years speaks out

If so, what all changes for everyone? You are Axel's biggest fear. Because he's terrified of hurting you. A lot of fun Lemon, yaoi, OneShot.

Whispers of Redemption by Jezzaanne reviews Beneath a sleeping City, where the shadows stir. A Master sits upon his throne and hisses to his subordinates. This time, they might not all get out alive Rated M for Dark Themes and Language.. Heart of Glass: Avoiding reality has consequences by lelalemon reviews Shuichi is an abused child who is taken in by his teacher. This contains yaoi, mild pedo. He's happy, because while his relationship with Hayner might not be all sugar-plums and butterflies, Roxas knows that this is right; it has to be. Sometimes love is sparkle and glitter, and sometimes love is black and blue.

Can't Ever Work by Sarabellum93 reviews Roxas is an antisocial college student who just wants to survive another year but his next door dorm-neighbor is a popular, well liked, and sexy college senior. Things never go as the twins, Roxas and Ven, planned does it? Christmas at Grandma's by Azurela reviews Okay Christmas at your grandma's can't be that bad How sadly mistaken he is.

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Akuroku, Soriku. Now he has to obey to Axel's every command. Marionette by terra hotaru reviews I am the Puppeteer. You are the Puppet… no, you are my Marionette. And I will give you pleasure and experiences you have never experienced before. Dark AkuRoku.

He must learn to follow any musician. Including Axel Sonheim, whose pompous attitude annoys the hell out of him! Can they learn to make music together? Without a Sound by MandaxPanda reviews Leon has taken a job as a high school teacher because his dream of being a college math professor is out of reach at the moment. He hates the job at first, but he soon finds someone who has it worse than he does, without a sound.

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That's the kid's motto and it's not gonna change, at least he says it isn't. Skanky AkuRoku. Rated M for language and mature subjects. A Thorough Examination by Sarabellum93 reviews Roxas is having trouble performing in bed, so he goes to see Dr. Lea to get the most thorough examination of his life.

The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)
The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m) The Desert Princes Sex Slave (M/m)

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