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When Joseph finds the corpse of an arrogant, bullying journalist in no-man's land, he soon realizes that a British hand was responsible, and that even in the midst of war's savagery, his conscience demands that he seek out the truth. This classic puzzle is nicely paralleled by Matthew's dogged search for the Peacemaker's identity.

Perry cleverly resolves some plot lines while reserving the solution of others for future mysteries.

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Though her depiction of the ravages of war is not at the level of a Charles Todd, she does a superb job of bringing the grimness and waste to life, in a nice shift of gears from her two 19th-century historical series. Agent, Donald Maass. Sometimes you could see him when he moved through rooms or went out the door. You could see him clearly when he was behind the wheel of the van, backing too quickly out the driveway.

But most of the time he was invisible. Or not there at all. Welcome to my website. I will update it when I have the time. If you found this at all, it is probably because you were looking for something else. My friend the Egg Man taught me how to mess with search engines. He is really good if you ever want the world to go to your website.

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You type in Madonna or " Star Wars toys" and you end up at Emerso. I just wanted to be up front about how you got here. You can leave any time you like but if you stick around you may learn something. I hope to deal with the really difficult issues, like what is the meaning of life, and why do people die, but I will also be discussing less important things like brand names, politics, coffee, revenge, teachers, chewing gum, and whether or not God exists. Also, my friend the Egg Man taught me how to make sure that my identity remains a secret. I just want my privacy. We all deserve our privacy.

No offence. Just a candid observation.

My mother had an illness that lasted about four years. It was not cancer but it might as well have been. She had treatment and got better and then got worse and we all did very poorly in dealing with it and with her. Lilly was rebellious at the time. She had even changed her name to Lilith for a while when she discovered that Lilith, in Jewish folklore, was a vampire-like killer and nocturnal female demon.

Older than me, she was experimenting with drugs and dying her hair and she kept finding some new part of her body to pierce. She was angry almost all the time, which seemed all wrong to me but, as Dave would say, she was probably venting her anger about our mother dying. Lilly stayed out really late, and once she got into trouble with the police at an all-night rave.

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That surprised me because she always told me she hated rave music. None of us were big talkers in my family. My mother — and I want to use her first name here — Claire — was brave about the fact that she was slipping downhill. Her paintings of the alien landscapes got much better. She tried to open up more about herself and she tried to pull the family together even as it was falling apart.

My mother, I now believe, was like the sun — bright and cheery and a great warm gravity anchor that held all of us little planets in orbit. When she died, we all went spinning off into the void.

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But the odd thing was that, to everyone around us, we seemed like we were handling it well. We acted as if nothing particularly important had happened. Lilly kept sulking and piercing and sometimes smoking.

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Like missing pages from a book or scenes snipped out of a movie. Choyce, the author of more than a dozen YA novels, tackles the subject of unresolved grief. There was the regular, not-too-interesting private me: Martin Emerson.

Shoulder the Sky (World War I Series, Novel 2) : A moving novel of life during the dark days of war

Then there was the enigmatic public persona of me that was created for the Internet at Emerso. Then there was the no-name Martin, Martin number three. The regular Martin becomes, in fact, quite interesting to the adolescent reader. The second Martin, with the assistance of Darrell aka the Egg Man , his sole friend and a computer nerd, has created an untraceable, anonymous website which has seven parts.

Lilly, when not getting more body parts pierced, is absorbed in her rocky relationship with boyfriend Jake and only occasionally reaches out to Martin. Instead, it is a study in character, and, as such, it unfolds slowly as Choyce feeds readers bits of the three Martins.

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Shoulder the Sky Shoulder the Sky
Shoulder the Sky Shoulder the Sky
Shoulder the Sky Shoulder the Sky
Shoulder the Sky Shoulder the Sky
Shoulder the Sky Shoulder the Sky
Shoulder the Sky Shoulder the Sky

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