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A year later she made her solemn religious profession and the process of configuration to Christ began for her, through much penance, great suffering, and several mystic experiences linked to the Passion of Jesus: being crowned with thorns, the mystical espousal, the wound in her heart and the stigmata.

In , when she was 56, she became Abbess of the monastery. This is the cause of my suffering. Tell everyone about it, tell everyone! On 9 July she left her earthly dwelling place for the encounter with God. Veronica Giuliani wrote prolifically: letters, autobiographical reports, poems. However, the main source for reconstructing her thought is her Diary , which she began in about 22, handwritten pages that cover a span of 34 years of cloistered life. Her writing flows spontaneously and continuously.

There are no crossings-out, corrections or punctuation marks in it, nor was the material divided into chapters or parts according to a plan. Veronica did not intend to compose a literary work; on the contrary, Fr Girolamo Bastianelli, a Filippini religious, in agreement with the diocesan Bishop Antonio Eustachi, obliged her to set down her experiences in writing. St Veronica has a markedly Christological and spousal spirituality: She experienced being loved by Christ, her faithful and sincere Bridegroom, to whom she wished to respond with an ever more involved and passionate love.

She interpreted everything in the key of love and this imbued her with deep serenity. She lived everything in union with Christ, for love of him, and with the joy of being able to demonstrate to him all the love of which a creature is capable.


The Christ to whom Veronica was profoundly united was the suffering Christ of the Passion, death and Resurrection; it was Jesus in the act of offering himself to the Father in order to save us. Her intense and suffering love for the Church likewise stemmed from this experience, in its dual form of prayer and offering.

In every page of her writings Veronica commends someone to the Lord, reinforcing her prayers of intercession with the offering of herself in every form of suffering. Motivated by ardent love, she gave her sisters in the monastery attention, understanding and forgiveness. She offered her prayers and sacrifices for the Pope, for her Bishop, for priests and for all those in need, including the souls in Purgatory.

Veronica reached the point of asking Jesus to be crucified with him. And I saw these rays become, as it were, little tongues of fire. In four of them were the nails; and in one was the spear, as of gold, red hot and white hot: and it went straight through my heart, from one side to the other The Saint was convinced that she was already participating in the Kingdom of God, but at the same time she invoked all the Saints of the Blessed Homeland to come to her aid on the earthly journey of her self-giving while she waited for eternal beatitude; this was her undying aspiration throughout her life cf.

In the communio sanctorum, she explains the gift of herself to the Church, as the relationship between the pilgrim Church and the heavenly Church. We find many biblical citations in Veronica's writings, at times indirectly, but always precise. Having been shown hell, Veronica devoted her life to keeping souls from ending up there. They all dropped down in a rush, one after the other, and once they entered those chasms, there was nothing to be seen but fire and flames.

Saint Veronica Giuliani

Upon seeing this, Sister Veronica offered herself as a victim to hold back the Hand of the God of Justice. Prophets and Visionaries tell us that in the final days, when the time of the God of Mercy is over, we must stand before the God of Justice. She outstretched her arms, as if on a cross and said to the Lord,. O souls go back! My God, I ask nothing of You but the salvation of sinners. Send me more torments, more crosses! As Veronica shared His thirst for souls, He allowed her to experience the pains of Purgatory and Hell. On Easter Sunday, , Jesus appeared to Veronica, seated on a golden throne adorned with sparkling jewels.

Saints Rose of Lima and Catherine of Siena, acting as her ladies in waiting were there encouraging Veronica. Veronica wrote in her Diary:. The Lord asked her to begin her confession. The Lord turned to her Guardian Angel and commanded him to speak for her. Then Our Lady came before her Son. She stood at His Feet, just as she had done at the foot of the Cross. She began to pray for Veronica, interceding for her.

The Lord revealed to Veronica the unconditional love that He has for all souls, particularly ungrateful souls like hers that have been singularly gifted. As the Lord revealed His Hurts and Wounds, suffered by Him because of the unfaithfulness of His children, she was filled with such overpowering sorrow for the times she had caused Him pain by her sins, she asked the Lord for His suffering, especially His Wounds, His Pain to become her pain.

How would Veronica remain faithful to the Lord? She was ordered by her Spiritual Director to write down all she was experiencing, in a diary.

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She wrote that when she went to confession:. When I come before the one who stands in the place of God on earth, I have such sentiments that I cannot put them into words. She could feel the Lord embracing her soul, and through this Love from the Lord, love began to flow from her to others. Yes, and at that time we will beg to be purified in Purgatory; at that time, even those who have not believed there is a Purgatory will be grateful for its existence.

The Lord not only chose her to be a victim for sinners, a 16Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists. She accepted the role of intermediary, acting as a go-between, between God and the people of God living in a state of sin. She knew that, as with her Jesus before her, the only road to forgiveness of the sins that still stain the world that God created, was through atonement! And she said Yes!

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It reminds us of Blessed Edith Stein12 who went to the Cross in atonement not only of her Jewish brothers and sisters but for the Nazis who killed them and her, saying if she did not, who would? One day, while praying in her cell, Sister Veronica had a vision of Jesus. He was carrying His Cross on His Shoulder. It was too heavy! She fell under the weight of it, and her Lord lifted her.

He placed it on my head; I suffered so much, I thought I was dying. Another time, Jesus came and showed Veronica a Chalice full of liquid. She wrote that it seemed as if the liquid was on fire. Her tongue became dry and from that day on, she could not taste anything. He sent an arrow deep into her heart. When she awakened, she found her heart bleeding. The burning flame roaring inside her heart was so painful, she could not rest day or night. He told her He wanted her heart to bear the marks of His Wound; He said, her heart had to feel the lance and her feet and hands, the nails He felt on the Cross.

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  • Our Lord chose to make Veronica as much Himself as is possible, and what better way than to share His Passion with her. He had asked her many times what she wished, and she had replied, His Cross. She experienced the crowning of thorns, the scourging, the crucifixion, her own death and that of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Mother Abbess Mary Catherine told us that the other nuns could see the impressions of the crown of thorns on her head through her veil, the blood at times dripping from her eyes because of the deep wounds inflicted by the long sharp thorns. I watched as they turned into little flames. Four of them the flames contained the nails, and the fifth one contained the lance, golden and all aflame, and it pierced my heart. The nails pierced my hands and feet. Veronica received the stigmata. Now it was time for her to take up the Cross!

    Saint Veronica Giuliani
    Saint Veronica Giuliani
    Saint Veronica Giuliani
    Saint Veronica Giuliani
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