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Reverent Rituals: A Brief Wedding Guide

This was followed by raga Shankara. On both the days she was supported by Aurobinda Bhattacharya and Abanti Bhattacharya on the tabla and harmonium respectively. The same mood persisted on 24 July in the Natyashastra-based presentation offered by Kalamandalam Piyal and his troupe. As is his style, he strove to recreate the ambience of BC with his reconstructed ancient kutap orchestra , replete with the instruments, music and dance of yore. His accompanists included Abhijit Roy kacchapi veena , Mithhun Chakraborty panava , Shubhendu chitra veena and several others.

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A kavi sammelan on 25 July was moderated by celebrated poet Ashis Sanyal. Debashis Adhikary gave her good support on the harmonium. Rupam Sarmah has been working on this project as music director, singer-songwriter and chief engineer. The film is expected to be released next year. Rupam is now actively involved with Unsco USA, working on a mega series with international dignitaries. As always, Rupam has given opportunities to local artists, including people with disabilities, to perform in some of the tracks and recorded in his Studio maZumba Media and Entertainment in Assam and Kolkata.

Rituals with reverence. Lyrical melody The Raga Rasa Sahitya series of the Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad continues to woo people to revive an interest in Hindustani dialects through Hindustani classical music and its melodious language that belongs to the Hindi-speaking belt of the Ganga-Jamuna region. TAGS :. Related Articles. India hits out at Turkey for military offensive in Syria. Now send phones numbers from desktop to Android phones via Chrome. Facebook Twitter Android iOS.

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Water is a giver of life, a source of purification, and an element that can be infused with sacred blessings. Religious traditions have long utilized water in their rituals from the washing of oneself before daily prayers Islam ; pilgrimages to sacred rivers Hinduism ; the baptism and admission of a soul into a religious sect Christianity.

This article explores how water is utilized in various spiritual traditions and how we can develop our own rituals to honor this sacred element of life. From the blood that carries nutrients through our body, to the rivers and oceans that feed the animal and plant kingdoms, water is crucial for the existence of life.

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It inhabits all areas of our lives. We drink it. We bathe in it. The versatility of water allows it to move through land and sky. We find it solidified in glaciers, running freely through rivers, and floating in clouds before its molecules coalesce and fall as sacred rain. Water symbolizes regeneration, fertility, purification, and transformation. Across the globe spiritual traditions revere water and use it in rituals of purification, blessing, and connection into divine paths. Ablutions , or ritual washing, is a tenant in several religious traditions. Here an individual has has their head sprinkled with holy water or is partly or fully immersed in water.

Through this ritual the individual is both purified and admitted to the Christian church. A foundation of the the Hindu faith is to seek purity of thought and being. Hindus believe that bathing in sacred water cleanses one of spiritual impurities and assists in the liberation from Moksha , the cycle of life and death.

Rituals and Reverence

Holy places are located along sacred rivers, coasts, and mountains, and it is common for Hindu practitioners to go on a pilgrimage to these sacred sites. The Ganges i s considered of the most holy rivers in India. It is believed that the water of the Ganges has great spiritually cleansing properties and as such, is a common destination for devotees. In Bali, water is an essential aspect of culture and spiritual practice. D around a natural spring. Here devotees come with prayers and offerings to immerse themselves in the sacred waters. This idea is further explored by Japanese author Masaru Emoto who suggests that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

In his view, blessings and prayers can change the molecular structure of water and give it more vitality.

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Though theories of water memory have yet to be inexorably proven, this theory exists in spiritual traditions as well. Examples of infusing water with holy qualities can be found in various traditions. In Christianity, ministers and priests may sanctify water through prayer and ritual so that it may be used for sacrament and protection. Most religious traditions have a practice of giving thanks or blessing before taking in food or drink. Though not specific to water, such practices include gratitude for the gifts and bounty that nourish us; water included. Creating Rituals of Water Spiritual rituals with water vary from simple practices of gratitude to elaborate rituals of immersion and purification.

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Drawing inspiration from spiritual traditions, we can create our own rituals to connect with water in both simple and elaborate ways. The following section offers guidance in creating such rituals. While holding a glass of water, take a moment to close your eyes and feel gratitude for the water of this earth.

Making exercise into something more reverent can help you reach your goals.

Feel into the oceans, rivers, rains, and streams, and sense genuine appreciation for the life that this element brings. As you drink, allow yourself to be nourished by this gratitude. Before going to sleep, take some time to write a prayer or affirmation that is particularly meaningful to you on a piece of paper. Take the paper and wrap it around your water bottle or glass. As you do so, imagine the water pulling in the vibration of your words and intentions.

In the morning, take a moment to reconnect to your prayer. Daily washing is an opportunity to connect with the purifying properties of water. As you wash, acknowledge that water is cleansing your physical body, as well as your spiritual and emotional bodies.

Take your time and bring love and attention to each body part as you clean. This ritual is a more in-depth water purifying and self-rejuvenating ceremony.

It combines elements of Ayurvedic practices with sacred ritual. This practice can be used to support our hearts, soothe our minds, and purify our spirit. The Hindu faith gives great reverence to the sacredness of water, particularly in natural sources of rivers or springs. In this ceremony, inspired by Hindu practices, we will use natural holy waters for spiritual purification. I understand that the fluid of this body is that of the oceans and the rains. In water we are we are all connected.

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  7. I honour the power of water to restore this body, spirit, and mind, to its eternal state of grace and peace. Thank you for this perfect gift, this giver of life. Water is the giver of life and is essential to existence on this planet.

    Reverent Rituals Reverent Rituals
    Reverent Rituals Reverent Rituals
    Reverent Rituals Reverent Rituals
    Reverent Rituals Reverent Rituals
    Reverent Rituals Reverent Rituals

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