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He's not using taxpayer funds to pay for his guests - that's personal funds. So, other than being wrong about every aspect, you make good sense.

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Should he be barred ha, get it from using his personal funds as he chooses? Mike Pence is staying at Trump's Doonbeg resort during his Ireland visit and will fly to his meetings in Dublin miles away The vice president will use the resort as his base despite it being on the opposite coast to his official meetings. No, I don't remember that. I have never once had any reason to believe Obama was unknowing about a massive number thousands of his books bought years into his presidency suddenly and unusually by multiple embassies, paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Do you think it is wrong for a president to earn money paid by taxpayer dollars for their work, while they are sitting as president?

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Where is your proof? You have none. The article i linked to clearly states that Trump suggested Pence stay at his resort. The acting attorney general paying money to a business run by his boss is a clear conflict of interest. Again you assume the worst of Clinton and Obama. Proof of what? That they were bought?


That that is unusual to have so many bought by so many embassies, all suddenly and concurrently? Of what do you need proof? So, it was a choice by Pence, then, is what you're saying? The article linked also states: "the Trump hotel is the ONE facility that can accommodate a group with Pence's size and needs. I'm not sure you understand the meaning of the word "clear". If you did, then you would have equal problem with your version of Obama's book sales to state department folks, since - even if Obama didn't know, it is a clear conflict of interest for them to choose to enrich the president that way.

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Or, are you full of sh! There's no reason to assume the worst of them - it's clear without assumption. Bird Dog said:. Find one available for the type of party and date he wants and get back to me So what?

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I know you will defend everything daddy does but it is ok to tell the truth sometimes and say you find these things to be unethical and obvious profiteering. Yeah, none of that is true but I think you should throw yourself on the floor anyway. And vid it so we can all see. Let's assume he knew nothing about it.

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Ken may be temporarily offline for some reason, and if he can't find earlier usage nobody can. Signature: Phil White Non sum felix lepus. Signature: "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things. One problem discovering the origin is what I'll call the "Sweeney" effect: The 's cop show was so widely watched and admired by police officers, that they started to ape the actions and catchphrases of the characters, as the writers also had close connections in the police, it is a matter now of urban myth if you are looking for origins!

Transatlantically speaking, there are many connections between the TV industries. I would put Dixon of Dock Green up there as a likely early fictional occurrence. In the absence of an online script facility, I think I'm with Ken's post. I'll just add that, of course the point is that there IS something to see, because if there wasn't we'd all just move along anyway! Signature: All those years gone to waist! Bob in Wales. That's why I used the words "current pop culture popularity".


Why rely on memory of Star Wars when we have the Internet? LUKE: About three or four seasons. BEN: They're for sale if you want them.

BEN: You don't need to see his identification. BEN: These are not the droids your looking for. BEN: He can go about his business. BEN: Move along. Move along.

Move Along; Nothing to See Here
Move Along; Nothing to See Here
Move Along; Nothing to See Here
Move Along; Nothing to See Here
Move Along; Nothing to See Here

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