Love is Power or Something Like That

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Hagberg sees power as a feature of life having six stages. This is what Hagberg calls Stage 1. The personal secretary of the President of the United States or the administrative assistant to the CEO of a big corporation has this type of power. When the CEO retires, or the President leaves office, the assistant or secretary ceases to have this power. Stage 3 power is actually quite weak, just as Force is weaker than the Power of moral principle.

Stage 3 power is external, i. Leaving office implies loss of the corner office, the private jet, all the trappings of authority. He was at the time the Vice President, a powerful political figure, but Gore came to realize that politics, high ranks, power in the sense of symbols, prestige and authority were not as important as family, love, meaning and purpose.

In my own life, this crisis came in , when all the underpinnings and assumptions I had about reality fell away and I had to come to a whole new orientation, giving up old paradigms, prejudices, and preferences, as my ego was forced to submit to the direction of the Self. Power is no longer only external—the focus is no longer only on the outer trappings of symbols, with titles and lines of authority. In my own life, much of my reality in terms of occupation, ambitions, and personal circumstances shifted in ways I found surprising, if not positively disorienting.

At this stage, a person knows that power is no longer the opposite of love, but its corollary: The more love we share, the more love there is in the world; likewise with power: the more power we give to others, the more we seek to empower others, the more power there is in the world.

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Modesty, humility, frugality, a global ethic of serving others and protecting the earth—these are features of power at this stage—features that are quite the opposite of what Stage 3 power regards as traits of the powerful. Such persons draw on deep inner wellsprings of faith, trust, and connection to Source, God or Ultimate Reality.

Their lives inspire others and call out the greatness in those who choose to take up their call to redeem the world, or tikkun olam , [44] our task as humans to repair the brokenness of the physical realm.

Why Make and Keep Covenants?

Like Hawkins, Jung recognized the pathology in the complex that drives certain people to arrogate power, [45] and he understood that the power drive precludes loving responses to others. Given his charisma and profound influence on others Jung surely operated at a Stage 5—maybe even a Stage 6—level of power, sure of his purpose and with a clear sense of his mission in life.

Such values—purpose, mission, introspection, reflection, love and caring for others—are marks of the individuated person, and I think there is a valid parallel between individuation and the higher stages of power identified by Hagberg. As Jung noted:. There are well-meaning theologians and humanitarians who want to break the power principle—in others.

We must begin by breaking it in ourselves.

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Then the thing becomes credible. We should listen to the voice of nature that speaks to us from the unconscious…. People at Stages 4,5, and 6 are listening to this voice, and in so doing, they individuate and redefine the notion of power. Jung, C. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

‘Love is Power or Something Like That’ by A. Igoni Barrett – review

Hereafter Collected Works will be abbreviated CW. In his reference to superbia , Jung is harking back to St. For that reason, it takes great courage to lead from love. It is an act of leadership, no matter what your formal position in an organization. It is therefore possible that a person objecting to the idea of love has had a bad experience in the past. This is totally understandable and should be respected.

Preaching about love, or trying to convert people in organizations does not work in our experience.

‘Love is Power or Something Like That’ by A. Igoni Barrett – review

The great thing about love is that it is always present. We just need to tune into it. The moment we do, we see it. A welcoming smile in the morning, a kind word from a colleague about your contribution to a project, concern or assistance when a co-worker is struggling, an expression of gratitude, or a simple thank you to a stranger. Our strongest message to you as a reader is that love is neither alien nor misplaced in our organizations. As a leader, as a colleague, as a provider of goods and services, commit to expressing love at work.

In so doing, you will be aligning yourself to a philosophy that lies at the heart of all the teachings of a well-lived life. He co-authored the award winning book Care to Dare and advises organizations on matters relating to human growth and development.

The Power of Love | HuffPost Life

You can connect with him on Twitter duncancoombe. Organizational culture. Duncan Coombe.

Vincent Tsui for HBR. We are putting those outside of ourselves responsible for us loving ourselves. At times, we don't realize that we are seeking love from others in the form of approval. Sometimes we believe our actions and behaviors are coming from a true place, but sometimes they come with an agenda of seeking love. Once we are aware, we can start to look inside of ourselves and cultivate love and acceptance of ourselves.

In my work with clients who come to see me for a plethora of issues, the common thing that I have found that most people lack is self-love.

A. Igoni Barrett

The concept of self-love has been used by so many to describe loving yourself. What exactly is it? What will having it mean for our lives?

See a Problem?

Self-love at its core is self-acceptance of who you are just as you are, the good and not-so-good parts of yourself. It's about self-respect and self-empowerment. It's about self-care and looking after yourself and having compassion for yourself when you are going through a hard time. It's about honoring your heart's desires and being true to yourself.

It's about knowing deep down that you matter and that you are enough as you are. You have nothing to prove, and you just need to be yourself and give of yourself to others. Imagine a world where people just loved themselves for who they are. It would be a world full of people resonating love from their hearts, and their state of being would be love. Imagine this energy of love where people were kind to each other and touched each other with their hearts, their words, with their eyes and their generosity of spirit. As Louis Armstrong sang "What a Wonderful World," in fact, it would be a world where people were no longer projecting their fears and insecurities onto others in hope of receiving love or validation.

There would be no need for that, as people would seek the validation and love within themselves. Each and every one of us has access to this well of love deep down inside of us -- no exceptions. This source of love within ourselves is limitless and timeless. It will never run out, and when you tap into it, you have accessed something that you can depend on.

Love is Power or Something Like That Love is Power or Something Like That
Love is Power or Something Like That Love is Power or Something Like That
Love is Power or Something Like That Love is Power or Something Like That
Love is Power or Something Like That Love is Power or Something Like That
Love is Power or Something Like That Love is Power or Something Like That
Love is Power or Something Like That Love is Power or Something Like That

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