Life on the Mesa

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Running time: 63 MIN.

Life off the Grid

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Unplanned America documentary makers visit Two Peaks Mesa in New Mexico

And he blasts away at the sky to prove it. Take Gene, for example, a half-cocked cuckoo living in a ramshackle mess of a home not suitable for himself, let alone his children.

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But there they are, and from all appearances, they love this bizarre lifestyle. Sure, Gene is demonstrably unstable, and is clearly using his kids to get back at his ex-wife now living in Connecticut , but why not try and make a demented camping trip last a lifetime? We have kooks named Luna, Moonbow, and Cowboy, and some roughneck named Maine, who just happens to be fighting cancer by sitting by and doing nothing.

Interestingly, at another film festival screening, Stan sat directly behind us, chatting amicably with a few filmmakers in town for their movies.

Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa (documentary)

He loves it, yes, but why? Is it easier to love strangers than a real family he can call his own? Virginia also loves the rock, and though she quits long enough to have the baby, it never occurs to anyone on the mesa that a certifiable retard might not be the best bet for mother of the year.

Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa
Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa
Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa
Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa
Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa
Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa
Life on the Mesa Life on the Mesa

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