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Noninvasive estimation of right atrial pressure from the inspiratory collapse of the inferior vena cava. Am J Cardiol. Right internal jugular vein distensibility appears to be a surrogate marker for inferior vena cava vein distensibility for evaluating fluid responsiveness. Rev Bras Ter Intensiva.

Jugular vein

The sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound estimation of central venous pressure using the internal jugular vein. J Crit Care. Ultrasound accurately reflects the jugular venous examination but underestimates central venous pressure. Sonographic evaluation of intravascular volume status: Can internal jugular or femoral vein collapsibility be used in the absence of IVC visualization?

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Ann Thorac Med. Correlation of sonographic measurements of the internal jugular vein with central venous pressure. Am J Emerg Med. The respiratory variation in inferior vena cava diameter as a guide to fluid therapy. Intensive Care Med.

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Emergency department bedside ultrasonographic measurement of the caval index for noninvasive determination of low central venous pressure. Ann Emerg Med.

The interrater reliability of inferior vena cava ultrasound by bedside clinician sonographers in emergency department patients. Acad Emerg Med. Detection of elevated right atrial pressure using a simple bedside ultrasound measure. Am Heart J.

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Jugular vein distensibility predicts fluid responsiveness in septic patients. Here are 6 reasons why it's bad for your….

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