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  • Armadeaddon: Dark Genesis.
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Start a Wiki. Those who have done evil in my name will learn to fear it and walk upon other paths! They will loathe what I have been as I have come to loathe it. There's no telling who is on what side, or if the Light has been infected with the Dark.

The end is nigh and Arondight is still out of reach. Their only hope is a worn out coin given to Scarlett by the last of the Druids, along with a riddle no one can seem to solve. The key, the shard, and the stones. When Scarlett takes matters into her own hands and touches the Natural's most sacred relic, the Codex, she's shown a vision of Arondight's resting place and does what she does best - take matters into her own hands.

  • Dark Genesis (Arondight Codex, book 4) by Nicole R Taylor.
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  • Armadeaddon: Dark Genesis;
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Genesis - Keep It Dark (1981)

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Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis Dark Genesis

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