Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators

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Children move at their own pace through 3 Sparks books based upon their grades. They will memorize slightly longer Bible verses as well as the books of the Bible. Our oldest club, these children will learn more extensive verses and begin learning how to apply what the Bible says to their own lives. This covers the cost of the uniform, book, bag and awards throughout the year. Payment plans and scholarships are available upon request. Young Family Sunday School.


A facilitator will guide families through lessons, crafts, activities and prayers, helping families grow deeper in their faith and creating lasting memories. Our desire is to help equip parents to be the spiritual leaders in the home. Families are essential in the Godly education of our children. Cherub Choir. Children ages 4 yrs through 5th grade are invited to rehearse weekly.

Every Child can be a Victim to Online Predators

Children will perform at the am service the first Sunday of each month. Ki dsChurch. Nursery, Preschool and Elementary. All children begin the service in worship with their parents. Please sign your children in prior to the worship service beginning. Mark your calendars now! Our Young Family Sunday school is designed to help families spend time together learning about Jesus, while equipping parents to be the spiritual leaders in their homes. A facilitator will guide families through a variety of activities and study of the Bible.

Are you looking for a way to serve at Bethany? Do you love working with children? Sunday School at Bethany has openings for both teachers and helpers! We need adults who have spiritual gifts working with children and are ready to make this joyous commitment!

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We want to create a nurturing environment to build Christian foundations for kids of all ages. This is important in order to create a long lasting, successful spiritual walk. Prayerfully consider serving in Sunday School and then take our survey to best place you in this ministry. Do you have questions or concerns?

Colossians Dig In curriculum provides a multi-sensory approach to children learning key biblical truths with a variety of creative lesson options. We are beginning our journey with Through the Bible in a Year. Come see what all the excitment is about! We are asking you as parents and guardians to encourage your child to begin bringing tithes and offerings to the weekend classes on a regular basis. Children naturally follow parental examples, so use your own giving as a strong model for your little ones.

The combination of formal instruction and your example should get your kids into the giving discipline. Learn How. Immediately reassure your child that you believe him and that he did the right thing by telling you. Keep your questions open-ended "What did you do together? Unfortunately, some parents deny the abuse "Your Uncle John would never do such a thing! Such responses can cause kids to shut down or alter their story out of fear.

Instead, reiterate to your child that you are not upset with him and that it's not his fault.

If there's any good news here, it's this: "Sexually abused children who receive support and help can and do heal," says David Finkelhor, Ph. Research has shown that the majority of sexually abused kids grow up with no significant mental-health or behavioral problems, he adds. The factors that appear to help include social support, strong self-esteem, and a child's understanding that she was not to blame for the abuse. Child psychologists and psychiatrists with specialized training can help kids begin the process of overcoming the trauma.

This is why it's so crucial for children to speak up. Though as a child I chose not to disclose my abuse—fearing that it would cause turmoil in our close-knit community—I thrived anyway. But I am well aware that I'm more fortunate than many people who have been through a similar experience. When I try to understand why I came out of the experience relatively unscathed, I believe it stemmed from my self- confidence and my refusal to take any blame. Both were inspired by my parents' unconditional love.

Depending on your child's developmental stage, you'll need to focus on specific issues and address or avoid certain topics.

Ages Use the right language. Explain what's private. Tell her that besides herself, her parents, and her doctor and caregiver if your child's still in diapers , no one should touch her private parts. If anyone does, she can tell you and you won't be mad. Give him ownership of his body. Has a stranger ever ruffled your child's hair, telling you how cute he is? Your tendency may be to politely tolerate the behavior. But it's a great teachable moment. Saying "I don't feel comfortable having someone we don't know touching my kids" models to your child that it's okay to say "no" to touch—even from outwardly "nice" people.

Be a safe refuge. You may think this is obvious to your child, but explicitly state that she can tell you if she ever feels confused or scared about anything and that you'll help and love her no matter what has happened. Break the taboo around sexuality. If your 4-year-old asks where babies come from, for instance, give her a brief, honest, and age-appropriate answer.

Ages Reinforce boundaries.

Support your child if he wants to say "No, thank you" to hugs or kisses from relatives. If your son is squirming away as Grandma leans in give him a kiss, you can say, "Vincent isn't really in the mood for a kiss right now, and that's okay, isn't it, Grandma? Head off guilty feelings. Don't wait until you suspect something is wrong. In doing so, you help take away the perpetrator's most powerful weapons—shame and fear.

OBLIVIOUS: An Online Predator PSA

Bathtime is one opportunity to talk about bodies and boundaries, says Logan "I want you to understand that people shouldn't touch your private parts, or ask you to touch theirs". Or use current events: "There are grown-ups who like to do inappropriate things with children, and it's my job as a parent to keep you safe. You can always come to me if you feel uncomfortable.

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Teach Internet safety. Many experts consider kids this age too young to be online by themselves. Use parental controls to limit her access, and explain that people are not always who they claim to be online. Insist your child never disclose personal information, and ask her to tell you if she ever feels uncomfortable about messages she receives. Continue the conversation. Sudden changes in behavior such as: Your child becomes excessively clingy. You child cries inconsolably at the thought of being left with other adults. Your child has frequent accidents that result in cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Your child is not comfortable communicating with certain people.

Predators and Popcorn: The Four Films that Gave Us Predator Panic

Your child becomes disobedient or defiant. General Parent Guidelines Learn about the Internet. Ask your children to show you how they use the Internet. Learn how to check what your children do online. Learn how to use monitoring and blocking software. Learn what resources your computer system offers beyond monitoring software.

Talk to your children frequently about online dangers including sexual victimization. Tell your children that what they see online may or may not be true. For Parents of Children Aged 8- 12 Keep the computer in a public place with the screen facing outward.

Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators
Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators
Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators
Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators
Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators Cherubs ~ Kid Safety Predators

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