An Unconventional Life

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Today you get a value packed interview with my new friend Paul Kortman. He and his family wife, 4 kids, and 2 dogs have been living out on the road for the last 3 years. They spent a year flying around the world and are now living in an RV. You can follow their adventure at Home Along the Way. And they have a podcast called Nomad Together.

Your Unconventional Life Comes at a Price

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You're almost there! Soak it up. Listen to your inner voice and be still enough to take notice to what your soul is saying. Once you become a parent and or wife peace is a pretty rare thing…Total peace anyhow, without thinking about what someone else may need or worrying about others feelings. You can take a day trip with a simple plan, a small bag and just get your butt in your car.

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Maybe you dont want a plan. Maybe you just want to get up and go! This is not possible unless you are a single woman or man bound to nobody that seriously. We had authority all of our lives!


WHY on earth would anyone want to answer to someone so soon after all the years of being a slave to something or somebody? I know i sure as hell do not like to explain myself or my whereabouts or even my feelings to anyone all the time other than maybe paper And strangers apparently. You can go anywhere you want easily planned out as long as you have the means, and sometimes even if you do not.

So go see the world! Get out there and find what you love, what you live for other than another human. Make a difference. Live your life.

Be proud to be single not ashamed. You are a diamond in a ruff, a mermaid in a sea of fish and anything you want is yours.

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Embrace your alone time and use it to better yourself and chase your dreams. Then, you too can glorify the art of being so busy with children, a husband and a 9 to 5.

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    How to Conquer Common Fears When Living an Unconventional Lifestyle

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    An Unconventional Life An Unconventional Life
    An Unconventional Life An Unconventional Life
    An Unconventional Life An Unconventional Life
    An Unconventional Life An Unconventional Life
    An Unconventional Life An Unconventional Life

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